Ride Registration

Online Ride Registration is now available! Skip the lines and fill out the application and pay through paypal.

You'll only need to pick up your shirts and bracelet come ride day.

Bikers Bros and Bo Annual Ride Event Registration Form
Authorization & Release for Participation in a Recreational Activity Involving Motorcycle Riding The undersigned waiver and release is entered into and acknowledged by the undersigned for good and valuable consideration of which is acknowledged, for his or her participation in a recreational activity involving a motorcycle ride (“Activity”). The undersigned recognizes and acknowledges that his or her participation in the Activity and released activities could expose him or her to risk of bodily and personal injury, damage to property, or the consequences thereof, including natural and man-made hazards and/or conditions known and unknown, seen and unforeseen. The undersigned recognizes and acknowledges that inherent dangers and risk presented by his or her participation in activities involving motorcycle riding. The undersigned further recognizes that his or her participation in this activity is voluntary. The undersigned voluntarily assumes all risk of loss, damage, and/or injury, that may be sustained while participating in the Activity and expressly waives and relinquishes any claim for negligence of any type whatsoever against Bikers, Bros & Bo, Your Community Foundation, PFC Andrew Martin “Bo” Harper Endowment Fund, PFC Andrew Martin “Bo” Harper Memorial Ride, its members, officers, participants, volunteers and all sponsors. The undersigned agrees to take all measures to protect his or her property, including all precautions against bodily or personal injury or property damage, and waives any liability for actions taken by other unforeseen circumstances. The undersigned agrees to follow all safety measures and conduct all activities in a safe and cautious manner. The undersigned is NOT under the influence of any drug, alcohol, or other substance which might affect his or her ability to execute this agreement or participation in the Activity. As a driving participant I acknowledge that I am legally licensed to drive a motorcycle and that, the motorcycle and I are legally insured in compliance with the laws of the State of West Virginia.
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